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Finally the new page for Karyn's World is up and running. 

We are still finalizing all the content, however due to customers asking for more information online we are going ahead and launching it. We will carry on tweaking it in the background, adding more content etc. 

We will also translate the page into Swedish shortly.

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What is included in a WebDesign from our company?

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, gives you the opportunity for increased traffic on your website. In other words more hits on your site. In combination with marketing and advertising you will also gain a profit. 


We also offer analytics and target group adaptation, as well as statistics on the number of visitors who find you, where they are from and during what hours they find your site.

Google Places

A listing for your company under Google. 


If you do not have your own web hosting, we can provide this for you.