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Finally the new page for Karyn's World is up and running. 

We are still finalizing all the content, however due to customers asking for more information online we are going ahead and launching it. We will carry on tweaking it in the background, adding more content etc. 

We will also translate the page into Swedish shortly.

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For more information and price quotes please contact us on below contact information.

Karyn's World 

E-mail address: info @

Phone numbers: +46 702 45 83 33 or +46 700 53 25 10

"Gothenburg harbour, sunset"

Karyn's World is a company whose sole interest is to make you, it´s customer the focal point of everyone else - well at least the ones you choose to target. Whether it be by having a website that strikes envy into your competitors hearts or by simply having the nicest business card at the convention this season. 

We offer a variety of marketing features for you to choose from. 
We do think highly of ourselves in the sense that we wish for you - the client - to not only choose us, but to stay with us for along time to come.

That is our goal! 

This of course means that we are obligated to do what is the very best for you. If we see that you are not on the top ten list when searched for on the internet - then that would be one of the first goals to obtain for you, to be just that. 

We cater to small- to medium sized companies and businesses foremost. One reason being the contact with customers, it is far more personal than when dealing with the larger corporations.