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Finally the new page for Karyn's World is up and running. 

We are still finalizing all the content, however due to customers asking for more information online we are going ahead and launching it. We will carry on tweaking it in the background, adding more content etc. 

We will also translate the page into Swedish shortly.

Stay in touch


Seeing how many different ways we can help our customers with their marketing / advertising / webdesigning needs - we find that having direct contact with them determines the price we quote. 

We have a questionaire that provides us with the basic information about what our customer wants, in addition to this there might be certain blocks that will be added or taken away. 

Every customer is unique and has unique demands, therefore we are not going to quote any prices here as of now. 

We do however have plans of customising a few packages that will include your basics. These we will add to this page within the near future. 

Please don´t hesitate to contact us for a quote!